*** Travel FAQs:

Q.  Can I travel freely in Vietnam?
A. Yes, you can travel freely in Vietnam. There’s some sensible places ( near the border ) you    need to apply for permission before visitting. You had better contact our office for any    instruction, or you can book part of the services through our company like car rental or hotel.    The other you can pay by your self
Q. Can you arrange a biking tour in Vietnam?
A. Yes, we can. It depends on your demands, we can arrange short biking tour in and arround Hanoi, Hue, Saigon or biking tour throughout Vietnam.
We can arrange biking tour guide to go with you. We also arrange a minibus, if you don’t want to cycle, you can use the minibus instead.
Q. Do I need visa to visit Vietnam?
A. Yes/No, it depends on your nationality, but most likely you will need a valid visa before heading to Vietnam if you are NOT from ASEAN, Nordic country, we recommend you to check my vietnam visa website for more details on visa requirements. also make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6  months before applying for a visa
Q. What are the World Heritages in Vietnam?
1. Ha Long Bay – UNESCO World Heritage (Dec. 1994)
2. Hue City – UNESCO World Heritage (Dec. 1993)
3. Hoi An – UNESCO World Heritage (Dec. 1999)
4. My Son Sanctuary – UNESCO World Heritage (Dec. 1999)
5. Phong Nha Cave – UNESCO World Heritage (Jul. 2003)
Q. Will I be traveling on a private tour or in a group?
A. The majority of our tours are on a private basis so it’s just you, your guide. No long queues or waiting around for people to take photos, you can ask the questions you want to know and really get to know the country. By traveling on a private basis you are less obtrusive when visiting local villages etc and you can really decide on what you want to see and cut out anything that is not of any interest. After all it’s your holiday and valuable time so make sure you get the most out of it! We offer a selection of group day tours in Hanoi, Hue and HCMC with a maximum of 8 people and also for more than that numbers
Q. Can I find cheaper prices if I wait and book directly when in country?
A. In Vietnam, there are a range of budget tour operators that compete with bargain bottom-dollar prices, so you can always find a better price for any of these tours. You pay for what you get. At VietNam Travel Really, however, we believe that it is important that you have a good experience as at the end of the day who wants to cut corners and risk ruining a once in a lifetime opportunity? We ensure that your holiday is carried out with minimum impact to the environment, (for more information about our responsible travel guidelines please click here) we pay our guides well so that they enjoy their job, they all speak very good English and we ensure all our vehicles are of a good standard. We book restaurants that are of a high quality and take time to do routine hotel inspections. lease also bear in mind that Vietnam is a popular place for tourists and many hotels, flights etc get booked up months in advance, so to avoid disappointment and the chance of spending your holiday tying to book your holiday, we recommend booking as much in advance as possible, then you can sit back and relax.
Q.  Do you offer longer or more customized tours?
A. Most of our tours on the website www.vietnamtravelreally.com  can be changed or customized as your requirement. If you have questions about a particular tour or would like a longer or more customized tour, please contact us at info@vietlnamtravelreally.com , and our travel experts will help you find your best travel itinerary.
Q. How can I trust the quality of the tours that I buy from Vietnam Travel Really?
A. Vietnam Travel Really is a local travel company which is lead by young, professional and enthusiastic tour operators. We just want to give you the best services in Vietnam, so that you can enjoin the best your traveling time here.
Our organization has selected a team of experienced tour operators, tour leaders, tour guides, drivers … who are all qualified, responsible, smiley and have more than 7 years working in the travel business to keep our service as best as we can.
You can trust you when ask any tourists has joined with Vietnam Travel Really . Or simply, travel with us, we ensure that you will come back next time.

*** Travel Health FAQs:

Q. What can I do about jet lag?
A. Not much, really. A stop-over en-route, or a rest day on arrival helps. It’s important   to try to sleep and wake according to local time, even on the aeroplane.
Q. What will happen if there is an emergency?
A. With VietnamTravelReally, your guide will always have a mobile ‘phone and a means of summoning immediate assistance. You will also have direct telephone access Head office.
Q. How will medical emergencies be dealt with?
A. You will be immediately taken to the nearest international clinic or hospital for an immediate examination and appropriate treatment according to the terms of your insurance.
Q. What should we do about malaria ?
A. Malaria happens in the mountainous area. All the hotels in the area have mosquitoes net. We often oganise tours to the rural area but there’s no malaria cases. Only local people have risks to this desease
Q. What vaccinations will I need to have?
A. Some of the diseases known to exist in Vietnam include hepatitis A and B, typhoid, tuberculosis, Japanese encephalitis, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, rabies and HIV/AIDS. Consult with your local doctor or a specialist travel medical centre for up-to-date health information on vaccinations and medicine for your trip at least one month prior to departure.

*** Travel Hotel FAQs:

Q. How can I book rooms at the hotels/resorts?
A. Simply select the hotel in which you would like to stay (or email or call us with your requests and we will make recommendations). Once you have selected a hotel, proceed with “Booking” and please fill out all customer and payment information, as well as any special requests.
We will confirm the availability of the hotel, and send you payment details as with tour booking.
Q. When do I need to pay for hotel/resort booking?
A. All hotel/ resort reservations must be paid in advance and immediately after booking the hotel/resort. We cannot hold hotel/resort bookings without payment.
Note that we accept payment through PayPal, then it’s easy for you to send us the Deposit, to hold your hotel/resort bookings.
If you are paying by credit card online, your credit card will not be billed until after we confirm the availability of the hotel.
If you would prefer to pay by cash or bank transfer within Vietnam, we will confirm the availability of the hotel with you and make arrangements for payment. You can pay us 20% in advance for Deposit and remit the balance upon your arrival in Vietnam ( main cities as Ho Chi Minh city, Ha Noi and Da Nang
Q. Can I make a reservation for someone else?
A. Yes, you can make a reservation for someone else. Simply fill in the name of the guest for the booking and your contact details. You can also pay by cash, paypal or bank transfer for someone else. However, you cannot make a payment for someone else using credit card. The name on the credit card must match the name of the guest.
Q. How do I know my reservation is confirmed?
A. After you make an online booking, we will follow up with you to confirm availability and confirm the booking. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive this follow-up email
Q. The rates for the dates I require are not the same with the advertised rates. What do I do now?
A. Once we receive your completed reservation form, including credit card details, we will negotiate the best rate at your required dates with the hotel If the room rate has changed with our advertised rate (it is usually during peak periods, such as public holidays, special events, or conferences/exhibitions, then the hotel only change their room rates for a short term) and advise you, at no charge.
Once we receive your acceptance of our rate, your request will be processed. If you decline the offered rate, the request will be cancelled and no charges will apply. But the problem happen very seldom!
Q. If I want to stay more at your hotel, what should I do?
A. Option 1: If you plan to stay at our hotel longer, then inform us so you will eligible to stay at our hotel with saving cost.
Option 2: If you really enjoy the trip to Vietnam and want to extend the stay at our hotel, you can contact the hotel directly, but we are not ensure the low rate for you.

*** Travel Payment FAQs:

1. My credit card number is correct, but it is not accepted on your online reservation form / I am getting an error while making a payment?. Why?
There are a few possibilities:
- Make sure you are not using a proxy internet connection. A direct connection to internet is required for security purpose
- Our Payment Gateway opens in a new Windows. Make sure that pop up blocking software/features are turned off
- Make sure the input details are correct
- Make sure the card expiration date do not precede the reservation date.
- Make sure you have not reached your credit limit
- If you get an error apart from the reasons above, please contact our Online Agent
2. I have filled in your secure credit card payment form. Why do you need my passport or a copy of 2 sides of my credit card?.
For the security reason, your bank requires our bank in Vietnam an autorised credit card payment form, a copy of the card holder’s passport or a copy of 2 sides of your credit card if the transaction is over 500 USD
3. Your company has our completed credit card payment form. Why you are not able to charge on our given credit card?
There are a few possibilities:
You have reached your credit limit.
Make sure you have filled in correctly the information of your credit card.
Make sure you have informed your bank about the autorised amount of transaction
Make sure you are the cardholder with your correct signature.
Make sure your credit card can be used for all transactions on the internet.
4. Why is the price different to when I last checked and or in comparasion with my last stay?
This normally depends on market conditions and currency fluctuations. During peak tourist season, convention, fairs etc. the prices are likely to change. Slight variation on periodical basis is more likely to reflect fluctuation in currency exchange rates.
However, once booked the price for a hotel is fixed as that at the time of reservation. We guaranteed that our room rates are the most competitives
5. On your advertisement says, “Save Up to 75% Off” What Does It Mean?
We book thousands of rooms with hotels and resorts in Vietnam and we get the special wholesale contract rates, we pass this saving to our clients. When you book hotels with us, you save a lot and sometimes you save up to 75% off rack rates. We guarantee you our room rates are the best. Book today!
6. Can I book/ pay directly to the hotel?
No. The rates displayed on VietNam Travel Really website are available only through our Asia hotels and resorts reservation services. Hotel walk-in rates are up to 75% more expensive. Our online agents are able to assist you with alternative hotels in case of non-availability and with other travel requirements which individual hotels cannot. All reservations on our site must be paid for in advance upon receiving confirmations from us. This is the only way to guarantee occupancy to the hotels and keep our prices low.
How do I book and pay for a tour?
Once you have found a tour that you would like to book, please click on “Select” and fill in your booking details (the departure date that you would like to go, the package, the number of people, your full name, nationality, email address and any special requests). Once we confirm the availability, we will send you an email to confirm and our payment policy infomation. With this, you can choose your preffered payment method and pay us.
- With tour bookings, you DO NOT need to pay total in advance, we just need 30% for Deposit, to ensure that you use our services.
- With flight or train ticket bookings, we require 100% total payment in advance.
If you would like to pay by others methods, please inquire with us directly.

*** Travel Viet Nam Visa FAQs:

What are the visa requirements?
[A] To enter Vietnam & Cambodia you will require a passport (with at least 6 months remaining validity) and a tourist visa.  This visa must be obtained prior to arrival. A combined entry/exit and baggage declaration form will be issued to you prior to arrival and one section of this must be retained until your departure from Vietnam. Please ensure this paper is kept in a safe place while you are in Vietnam.
[Q] I want to travel to Vietnam but there is no Vietnam Embassy and Consulate Offices in our city. How can I get visa to Vietnam?
[A] We can help you to get visa upon arrival to Vietnam. We will apply your passport information to the National Immigration Department of Vietnam (NIDV). The approval Letter will be issued by the NIDV and then we will forward you one copy of this letter, enabling you to get on airplane at any airport. You will receive the visa at the arrival airport after making the visa application (forms + 25 USD stamping fee/passport + 2 photos of passport sizes)
[Q] Can I use single entry visa for our revisit Vietnam after touring Cambodia?
[A] No, you must obtain the multiple entry visa. Please inform us if you wish to extend your trip and want to re-enter into Vietnam to connect departure flights or for any purpose
[Q] How many days will you take to apply to  approval letter?
[A] Normally it takes us 3 working days to get approval letter for you. In urgent cases, we can obtain the letter within 2 working days. (Only applied for customers who have booked tour packages through us)
[Q] I am from Denmark, Do I need visa to Vietnam?
[A] Citizens of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway visiting Vietnam for up to 15 days are exempted from Visas. No visa required forASEAN citizens (South East of Asia)